C O C K T A I L    F U N C T I O N S
A minimum of 20 applies to the canape menu selection, bowls & grazing table.
G R A Z I N G    T A B L E
Enjoy the festivities and 'graze' throughout your event. Each table consists of a selection of dips, cheeses, charcuterie, bread, crackers, fruit, vegetables, and other delicious morsels.
Pea, Parmesan & chervil risotto (V + GF)
Slipper lobster, pea, curry leaf & curry cream (GF)
Lamb shoulder, grain salad, labneh
Orecchiette, beef cheek ragu
Confit salmon, green beans, tapenade (GF)
Harissa chicken, pistachio thyme rice (GF)
Pan fried lamb cutlet with panzanella
$12 per item per person
C A N A P E    S E L E C T I O N
Ceviche, piparras & cucumber (GF)
Chicken liver & bacon pate ŵ grain cracker (GF)
Pumpkin, zhug & macadamia tart (V)
Roquefort & pear bruschetta (V)
Smoked beetroot & feta tart (V)
Tomato, bocconcini & basil bruschetta (V)
Crispy chickpeas, Kalamata, thyme salt (V + GF)
Yorkshire pudding & roast beef horseradish
Grilled lamb shoulder, ras el hanout & romesco (GF)
Parmesan & mushroom arancini (V)
Smoked cauliflower & cheddar puffs (V)
Lamb kofta with minted yoghurt (GF)
Pork & fennel sausage roll
Rice crusted eggplant, preserved lemon & chilli oil (V + GF)
Charred prawns ŵ sumac (GF)
Tomato braised pork & veal polpette
$4.50 per item per person
- Cheese & Dessert options available on request -