Champagne Sessions No 10 - Discovering Champagne R Pouillon


Please join us for our next Champagne Session at APOTECA. This time, we will discover R. Pouillon, one of Champagne’s most exciting grower-producers with a star on the rise.
The Pouillon family are privy to some fantastic terroir in Champagne’s Grande Vallée. Rich and textured, whilst paradoxically elegant and enthrallingly vibrant, these are stunning interpretations of terroir, especially through the eyes of pinot noir, and elaborated with a sensitive hand.
“Fabrice Pouillon may not know it yet, but his celebrity as a sought-after Champagne wine grower is about to take off. In Australia, and indeed from what I hear the world over, sommeliers and fine wine lovers are nabbing every bottle as it comes…and with good reason. Fabrice makes exceptional champagnes. Rich, textured and multi-layered, sparking with energy whilst remaining incredibly elegant. Therein lies his superpower – to achieve this necessary balance between power and delicacy – which sometimes alludes other growers with a heavy hand.” Sara Underdown in VINE & BUBBLE
It’s a privilege to taste these champagnes which are in high demand right now.
You do not need to be an aficionado to participate, even better if you’re not. These sessions are designed to be fun and casual, yet informative, bringing to you the best and more unusual side of champagne through a relaxed, guided tasting.
APOTECA's delicious grazing table will accompany our tasting.
Enjoy a glass of R. Pouillon Grande Valléon arrival, followed by a tasting featuring:
  • R. Pouillon Les Terres Froides
  • R. Pouillon Rosé
  • R. Pouillon 2016 Les Châtaigniers
  • R. Pouillon 2014 Blanchiens or Valnons
All champagnes will be served in the spirit of generosity, with full, 100ml pours.
Thursday 11 August 2022
6:30pm – 8:30pm